BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

In the BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) operation, fats taken from appropriate areas of the body are injected into the area. As a result of the operation, it is ensured that the person has Latin hips, which are highly esteemed by people. During the operation, while the fat taken from the abdomen, waist and leg is injected into the buttocks, the fuller, larger and steep hips are reached the person also has a waist appearance that looks thinner and curved. In this way, while the person gets rid of the fat in the waist and abdomen and has an ideal appearance, she also obtains a hip appearance according to her expectations.

Who is suitable for Brazilian Butt Lift?

BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is applied to those who are not satisfied with the appearance of the hips and who want a steeper, plump, shaped hip. Expectations of the person are listened by the expert. People who has non-aesthetic hip appearance can apply to Brazilian Butt Lift. In some people, excessive weight loss and frequent weight loss can cause hip sagging and loss of the form of the hip. Having drooping and low hips can cause people to have dissatisfaction with their bodies. In addition to this, people can apply to the Brazilian Butt Lift if they have unclear hip lines. This is successfully prevented by the operation and allows people to have a shaped hip appearance.

How does Brazilian Butt Liftperform?

UThe ideal method to be applied in accordance with the general health status and expectations of the people before the operation is determined. In the operation, the expectations of the people are listened by the doctor and the application is explained to the patient as to how the expectations of the people are met. General anesthesia is used during surgery regardless of the operation technique. In order to perform the operation successfully, it must be performed in a fully equipped hospital. In addition, the general health of the patient should be considered. If there is no obstacle in the person’s health, the operation is performed successfully. The person is examined by the doctor before this operation. The suitability of the person to the operation is checked by the doctor and the person is informed about the result after the operation. In this way, patient’s expectations are achieved and any dissatisfaction is prevented.

Operation performed under general anesthesia sothe patient does not feel any pain. After the operation, the mild pain may occurs. Surgery is performed in the form of taking the fat that is present in the abdomen, waist and leg and injecting it to the hip. In this way, the person gets rid of the fat in the waist and hip area, has a pleated and pleasant waist appearance. The fats in the leg (thigh region) cause many people to be dissatisfied with their appearance. The removal of fats from this region will also make the person look very pleasant.

Brazil Butt Lift can be performed in combination with all operations. Especially the application of liposuction together with Brazil Butt Lift is frequently preferred by people.

What does Brazilian Butt Lift offer you?

Brazilian Butt Lift is used as a result of people having dissatisfaction about their hip appearance, having a more steep and full-bodied hip appearance. This operation allows people to have Latin hips that are aesthetically pleasing by most people. The fact that people have a more shaped and full-bodied buttocks makes them more self-confident about their bodies. The Brazilian Butt Lift is a very important operation in order to eliminate the discontent of the hips of the people and to provide a hip appearance to their expectations. This practice is frequently preferred in terms of presenting with highly successful techniques and offering an ideal view to the people as a result of the operation.

Fats from these areas are injected into the buttocks. For all these reasons, the operation is preferred by many people nowadays and offers successful results in accordance with their expectations.

After Brazilian Butt Lift

Since Brazilian Butt Lift is performed under general anesthesia, the person will not have any pain and pain during surgery. The pain that can be seen after the surgery in a very severe manner that does not affect the daily life of the person. These pains are generally resolved by the doctor recommended painkillers. Oral painkillers are sufficient to relieve these pain.

On the first day of surgery, the person must rest at the hospital. During this rest, the patient’s pain will be controlled and precautions will be taken against possible complications.

Patient should use corsets after a certain period of time. Changes may occur depending on the patient’s condition during the use of the corset. Although this period is a minimum of three weeks, it is recommended that the person use a corset, especially for the first month. The use of a corset is very important in terms of successful removal of the expected outcome from the operation and a slight increase in swelling and bruises that may occur after the operation. The corset must only be removed during the shower.

After the Brazilian Butt Lift, it is possible for people to have difficulty in physical activities for the first few days. People may have pain. There is no inconvenience or attention to the person in sitting and standing after the operation. However, it is possible that the person will have slight pain during sitting and standing. This is expected and patient should not worry.

After the operation, people should not take a shower for the first three days. However, it is important that people stay away from physical activities that require strength in the first week. People will not have any trouble walking. People should avoid all physical activities that will make them wear out or force their bodies. Two weeks after the operation, there will be no problem to exercise.

After the surgery, the possibility of bruising and edema is spontaneous. Therefore, people do not need to have any treatment or use medication in terms of bruising and edema. Five days after the operation, people are able to return to their daily lives and start working.

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